End "Fire at Will" for Everyone

The new Government has said it’s going to throw out the unfair 90-day ‘fire at will’ law. But, they’re not going to get rid of it completely - their first draft still lets small businesses fire at will.

That means 30 percent of people working in New Zealand will have second-rate rights. That isn’t acceptable. And it’s not how we want our Government to treat people -  just because they work for a small firm.

We can do this properly. We can change this draft law as it goes through Parliament and we can show the Government we expect equal rights for everyone who works in New Zealand. It doesn’t matter where you work or who you work for. When they see that’s what enough Kiwis want, they’ll listen.

GOAL: 10,000 signatures

To the House of Representatives

We ask that you remove 90 day trial periods for all businesses in New Zealand, not just businesses with 20 or more employees. Creating a second-tier of employment rights is bad for small businesses and for the people working for them. Do the right thing and remove the 90-day trial period altogether, for all working people.

End "Fire at Will" for Everyone

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