A Working People's Charter for Fair Pay

A Government working group has now reported back on how we could set fair minimum pay and other terms and conditions for people working in specific industries or job categories - or Fair Pay Agreements.

For too long now, we’ve seen New Zealanders in full time work and families on on double incomes struggling to get by. We can reverse the decline of the last 30 years. We can draw a line in the sand about what a fair deal is for working people. 

We need a new set of rules about how work will be organised and Fair Pay Agreements give us that chance.


GOAL: 5,000 signatures

To the Coalition Government:

Getting Fair Pay right will mean working people and their families are better off, a better competitive environment for businesses who want to invest and innovate, and a larger share of New Zealand’s wealth flowing back into our communities.

We need Fair Pay Agreements that:

● Cover all working people in an industry so that no business can make low wages and low investment a competitive advantage.

● Encourage skills training, and workforce investment so that we can do better as working people and as a nation.

● Rein the cowboys and fly-by-night operators who exploit working people and undermine good employment, harming good business and our regional economies.

● Get fair pay and a fair deal back to the working people who hold up our industries so they can have stable, happy and healthy lives again.

You have the opportunity to make an enormous positive difference to New Zealanders and to our economy. Please make the most of this opportunity to build better lives for all of us.


The People of New Zealand

Will you sign?

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