Have your say on Fair Pay

The Government wants you to have your say on Fair Pay Agreements. But, submissions are only open to the 27th of November. 

We’ve looked at the questions they are asking1, and some of the things that are being proposed don’t exactly look ‘fair.’ 

For example, if you win a Fair Pay Agreement with your employer through negotiations, all that work could be undone by a ‘market test’ - that puts businesses competition ahead of your rights at work. Even when your employers have already agreed with you about what’s fair!

We’re also concerned by the idea that instead of you, through your union negotiating on your behalf, unelected representatives could take the job on, undemocratically and for profit.  

The third big issue is the idea that, to be initiated, a Fair Pay Agreement would have to be agreed by 10% of an industry workforce (or 1000 workers in that industry) and a public interest test. This is the opposite of what the Government’s own working group recommended. They said it should be either/or. That’s because a public interest test is about giving workers in industries with little or no union representation access to Fair Pay Agreements. 

If we make it too hard for negotiations to start, thousands of working people in this country might miss out on a better life. 

There are some things that it's really important to hold on to too, like keeping all kinds of employment arrangements covered including contractors so nobody can sidestep the rules and reduce working people’s rights. 

There are lots of other important parts of the proposals we think need work. If you want to find out more, you can read our response document here. Put simply working people in New Zealand need a law that meets the six basic pillars of good sector bargaining that the CTU released last month.


Your own words and your own story about the issues you see in your industry are incredibly powerful. Please, use the submission tool on this page to tell the Government to get this right. We have sample submissions here to help you out.

Help make Kiwi’s work-lives better. Have your say.

[1] https://www.mbie.govt.nz/have-your-say/designing-a-fair-pay-agreements-system-discussion-paper