At the Heart of the Hospital

Hospital administrative staff keep our health system running smoothly. They’re the first people a patient sees when they come to get treatment, and at every step of the way they make sure everything is running smoothly. Without them, the system falls over. But because administration is considered “women’s work”, they’re poorly paid and undervalued.

The PSA has raised an equal pay claim for its members in DHB administration across Aotearoa New Zealand.

GOAL: 10,000 signatures

Dear District Health Board chief executives

Administration workers keep our health system running.

They are the heart of the hospital, and without them everything grinds to a halt – but their work is undervalued and overlooked.

We want to close the current pay gap of 15 – 45% and achieve a pay increase that recognises their skill and expertise.   

I support equal pay for DHB administration workers because they are worth 100%.

Please support the PSA’s claim for equal pay.

A concerned New Zealander

Will you sign?

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