Prime Minister, you can fix equal pay!

In recent years tens of thousands of New Zealand women have won equal pay. There is a draft law in Parliament right now that wants to help even more Kiwi women do the same. But that draft law has got some important things wrong. It needs to be fixed quickly - before it gets set in stone. So we’re calling directly on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to step in and fix it. Show your support by adding your name below and send her a message that this issue is black and white - we either have good equal pay law or we don’t!

GOAL: 3,000 signatures

Dear Prime Minister

We need to ensure that everyone is paid fairly, regardless of gender. I know this is the vision for New Zealand that you have. 

There are lots of good parts to the Equal Pay Amendment Bill our Parliament is now considering. But, unfortunately, there are some problems that need fixing. These are big problems that could stop thousands of New Zealand women from accessing their right to equal pay. I don’t want that to happen. 

1) The law shouldn’t delay access to the courts when bargaining doesn’t go well.

2) The law should give more support to sector-wide equal pay settlements, compared to settlements that go employer-by-employer.

3) The law needs to follow existing rules about collective bargaining - not add new ones.

4) The law should support a process where equal pay settlements can be checked to make sure they are up to scratch.

5) The law shouldn’t make women who already have equal pay claims in progress go back to the beginning and start again.  

Jacinda, I think you are the perfect person to sort this out. You have clearly stated your unwavering support for equal pay on many occasions. So I am calling on you to commit to fixing the problems with the draft law so we get new equal pay law that delivers justice for all New Zealand women - something I know we both want.

Prime Minister, you can fix equal pay!

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