Thank you for the valuable work you do!

Thanks to all the people working for the public good to make Aotearoa a better place. So much of the great work you do goes unseen but that shouldn't mean it's unappreciated: from the people who provide financial support every day for those who need it, to the people putting hard work into developing policy on really complex problems, to the ones writing comms so people have access to information and can engage with democracy, to the people doing the admin keeping public organisations running so all those other people can focus on what they need to do. And that's just to name a few! It sucks to see certain politicians - and the people who buy into their rhetoric - devaluing the work that you do and trying to portray it as waste. Your work is valuable; it's the stuff that keeps society functioning, deals with the biggest challenges society faces, and helps improves lives.

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  • Andrew McCauley
    Andrew left this comment. 2024-04-24 14:04:22 +1200