Four Weeks for Fair Redundancy

COVID-19 has shown us where our employment system is weak, but we can build it stronger. Right now, there are employers who’ve chosen to axe thousands of working people from their jobs. Other employers are thinking about doing the same to tens of thousands more. 

Unlike many countries, New Zealand lacks a minimum legal redundancy protection. That protection would value the contribution working people make, make employers think carefully about their actions and help people out in a difficult time. When employers choose to make people redundant, we can choose to make that fair.  

GOAL: 3,000 signatures

To all parties and candidates seeking to become the Government after the September election, I think we can rebuild resilience for working people facing job loss or change.

I support:

  1. The Government putting in place a minimum four-week statutory redundancy payment - plus two weeks for every additional year of employment - within the first 100 days of taking office.
  2. The Government helping small and medium sized businesses to meet this payment as we recover from Covid-19, moving to business paying their full share as the economy gears up.

Four Weeks for Fair Redundancy

Will you sign?

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