About CPOW

The idea behind the International Trade Union Confederation's World Day of Action - Climate Proof Our Work - is both to show that working people across the globe want to take action to tackle climate change and that we can all make a difference in our workplaces (no matter how big or small it is). But, at the same time, working people have to have a say in how those actions happen. And those actions can't just be at the expense of their livelihoods, without a fair transition.

In 2020 the countries of the world will meet to renew their commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement. If we want to limit global warming to 1.5 degree by 2030 the consensus is that we have to start acting now. 

By that time it is predicted 72 million jobs will be have been lost because of so-called "heat stress". And there are already an estimated 85 million climate refugees. 

So holding a meeting on Wednesday 26 June to Climate Proof Our Work is a chance find out how much your workplace has thought about responding to climate change and how much climate change is going to effect the work you already do. Inviting your boss is an excellent opportunity to find out what you know and what you can do together.

If 26 June doesn't work for your workplace, that's fine. But if you can, you will be joining with thousands of other working people across the planet. But any time is a good time.

When you write to your employer asking for a meeting get as many of your colleagues as possible to sign the letter too - and involve your union. 

You can download a template letter here.

You can download a draft agenda here

You can download a poster to advertise the meeting here.

The 26th of June is a starting point. Once you have had your meeting we'll send you a quick questionnaire to check how it went and what the next steps might be.

Rather than being overwhelmed this a chance for working people to show what they can achieve when they act Together.