Safe Travels on Auckland’s Trains

Everyone who rides on a train in Auckland should have a safe and enjoyable journey. Auckland Transport wants to take train managers off Auckland’s passenger trains. This will make train travel more difficult and less pleasant - just when we want to encourage more people to use our improved train system. Together we can show Auckland Transport Chair Lester Levy, and the rest of the Board, that they can solve this problem by telling company that runs the trains - Transdev - to abandon its proposal to cut the train managers - and make the most of our train network.

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GOAL: 4,000 signatures

I call on Chair of the Board of Auckland Transport Lester Levy and the rest of the Directors to show more leadership, stand up for the interests of Auckland’s current and future train passengers and instruct Transdev to dump its dangerous and short-sighted plan to remove train managers from Auckland’s commuter trains.

Safe Travels on Auckland’s Trains

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