COVID-19 and Your Work Rights

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic New Zealanders still have rights at work. However, the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is aware some employers are using the pandemic as an excuse to unlawfully ignore those rights.

We have provided key information for working people on these rights here. If they are being breached we recommend contacting the Labour Inspectorate here. If the matter is a health and safety issue we recommend contacting WorkSafe here.

However, we are aware that enforcement capacity is strained at the best of times so we are also strongly recommending that people who have been treated unlawfully register their experience here so that it can be followed up on once there is resource available.

Where we see large systematic lawbreaking from a single employer we will follow it up with the employer and with regulators if necessary.

Where we identify large scale systematic lawbreaking across an industry or a series of employers we will take the issue to the Government. We are in daily contact with Ministers and their officials.

All information gathered is kept confidential in line with our privacy policy. We may contact you to follow up if there is an urgent need for greater detail about your experience.


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