Let's Climate Proof Our Work

Our workplaces can be somewhere we make a difference to climate change. Wednesday 26 June is the International Trade Union Confederation's Global Day of Workplace Action: CPOW - Climate Proof Our Work. As our part of the worldwide drive to stabilise the planet at a 1.5 degree average temperature increase by 2030, sign up and invite your employer to a meeting to discuss how we can climate proof the work you currently do.

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On 26 June CPOW is a small, practical way to show that our workplaces can make a positive difference to climate change. There are four steps we are asking workplaces to take:

1) Sign up to the World Day of Action and agree to have a meeting involving workers and your boss about what - however small - your workplace can do about climate change.

2) Then send a formal letter to your employer inviting them to a meeting. (We will send you a model letter to use).

3) Take a photo from the meeting on the 26th and post it on Facebook with the tag #CPOWnz.

4) Later, answer a short survey about what happened and how it went.

Let's Climate Proof Our Work

Will you hold a CPOW meeting?

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