Make your FPA Submission

Submissions via the Together platform are now closed.

If you wish to submit directly to the Select Committee you can do so here until 5pm 19 May, 2022.

If you want to show your support for Fair Pay Agreements you can sign in support here 


Fair Pay Agreements will be vitally important to turning around Aotearoa New Zealand's low wage economy and ensuring that people's incomes grow so they can support themselves and their families properly and so that their working lives improve.

The legislation to make this hugely positive employment change will be under significant pressure from a small number of employers that benefit from low wages and insecure work and the groups that represent them.

That's why it is so important that the stories behind this legislation are heard. We need the decision-makers to understand the kind of good FPAs will do.

Doing your bit is easy. You don't need to be an expert on employment law - the CTU has a highly skilled policy team who will submit on the technical and legal detail of the legislation.

Our job is to illustrate why this law is needed.

And that's as easy as telling your story using the form on this page - and once the submission process is open we'll send your story on to the Select Committee.


Not sure what to write about? Here's a few prompts:

- Has your pay fallen behind the cost of living and, if so, how has this affected you in your day to day life?

- Are employers in your sector undercutting each other with lower wages, unpaid overtime, or by trying to do the same job with fewer staff?

- How has work changed over the course of your time in the workforce?

- Are there health and safety issues in your workplace or in your industry more widely?

- How much job security do you feel you have? Has it got better or worse over time?

- Do you get overtime rates, allowances, or other non-wage benefits?

- How would regular fair pay increases change your life and that of your family?

- Do you want a say in what happens in your job and sector – like better H&S, and more training opportunities?


Tips on telling your story

Your own voice is your best tool

When we speak to our own experiences and in our own words our stories are strong. The right way to tell your story is how you tell it.

Keep it simple

Don't add lots of technical detail or jargon, or try to jam too much into your submission. Often the best submissions pick up on a single issue and build a story around that. Think about the one thing you want the person reading your submission to understand and focus on that.

Show don't tell

The key to a strong submission is it is relatable try to tell a small story to put the reader in the room with you. Don't just talk about your experience, talk about what the consequences were for you and how it made you feel.

Be honest

It's really important that you don't exaggerate or misrepresent your experience.

Be respectful

There's no need to be formal in a parliamentary submission but remember you are trying to win a select committee made up of MPs over to your side and offensive language won't do that. 


Here's a sample submission that includes working people's stories as told by them