Make Work Fair Now

We can have better working lives in New Zealand.  

In many sectors people are stuck on minimum wages, with bargain-basement work rights, in what we know are important jobs and industries. The current system isn't working for them. Fair Pay Agreements are a way to make work fair – for everyone.  


GOAL: 4,000 signatures

To the Prime Minister and Cabinet:

It’s time to do the right thing by working people, and the many good employers in New Zealand, and deliver Fair Pay Agreements. We need a law that makes life better for working Kiwis. We can’t continue with the low-wage, low-safety, low-training, model that has cost us all so much.

To do this we need a Fair Pay Agreement law that follows six basic principles:

1) Fair Pay Agreements will enable working people to improve their terms and conditions of employment, develop their skills and have these skills recognised.

2) Working people will have a voice through their unions to negotiate Fair Pay Agreements.

3) Fair Pay Agreements should cover every person working and every employer in a defined industry or occupation.

4) Fair Pay Agreements need to be about more than pay rates – they need to provide a minimum standard for decent incomes, career pathways and good working lives for New Zealanders.

5) If union members and employers in an industry or sector can’t agree on a Fair Pay Agreement, there will be an independent process to determine the contents of a Fair Pay Agreement.

6) If a Fair Pay Agreement is agreed or determined, it should be final. 

Working people and their families have waited too long for a fair bargaining system.

Make Work Fair Now

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