Make Work Safe

COVID-19 showed us that working people need better guarantees about their health and safety at work. Too many people had no say in important decisions about their own health and safety - from whether they should stay home, to what plans were in place to protect them in the workplace. 

For a long time, working people in New Zealand have been harmed by poor health and safety practices and inadequate protections. As we rebuild better, we need to build in protection for all working people to stay well at work so they can come home safe, no matter where they work. 

GOAL: 5,000 signatures

To all aspiring MPs and political parties at this election: 

We can do better to protect our health and safety at work. Will you: 

  1. Make Worksafe work - by increasing funding and making sure they enforce and prosecute more unsafe employers, including spot fines for bad behaviour. 
  2. Put trained health and safety reps in every workplace
  3. Change the health and safety law to better protect people’s mental health at work including workplace stress, bullying and the damage it does to emotional and psychological health.
  4. Open a review of the Health and Safety at Work Act in your first 100 days, making sure that it focuses on working people’s real experiences, and puts the most weight on what they need to be safe at work. Then implement the changes that review suggests before the 2023 election. 

(See our full health and safety election policy here.)

Make Work Safe

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