Help keep the science sector and universities working for us all

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The government has set up two advisory groups, one to review the science sector and one reviewing the university sector. These  advisory groups are to advise the government on the structure, purpose, and funding of the sector. We think its critical to tell the Chair of these reviews that the science sector and universities are there to deliver for the needs of our communities, iwi, government, and business – they are a public good. Please sign if you agree.

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Help keep the science sector and universities working for us all

To the Chair of the SSAG and UAG

Re: Providing quality advice on the science sector and university system

Tēnā koe e te Heamana, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman ONZ, KNZM

Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union (TEU) cares deeply about the people in the science sector and university system who contribute significantly to pūtaiao and mātauranga. 

TEU recognises that the science, innovation, and technology sectors and the tertiary education sector are intertwined. Early career scientists are trained and educated within the universities of Aotearoa New Zealand, and university-trained scientists across the ecosystem collaborate on research within the same walls.

TEU notes that the SSAG and UAG will be providing advice to the coalition government on the effectiveness and impact of the science sector, and the challenges and opportunities of the university system.  As the chair of both advisory groups, we recognise your commitment towards ensuring connectedness between the two groups.  As a leading university-based scientist, your own career attests to the importance of our universities.

TEU can work with the SSAG

We understand that the SSAG will focus their review on:

  • institutional arrangements
  • funding mechanisms
  • priorities and processes
  • advanced tech and commercialisation
  • workforce, and;
  • the Government as a commissioner, funder, and user of science

In accordance with Article 2 of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the TEU recognises the whakapapa responsibilities of Māori as principal kaitiaki of te taiao and mātauranga Māori and urges the advisory groups to make sure this stance is woven into their work.

The TEU are keen to work with the SSAG to find solutions that balance the needs of science, technology and innovation for advancing the public good, while allowing space for commercialisation of knowledge generated from public institutions. 

TEU can provide advice to the UAG

We understand the UAG will consider the issues and opportunities to improve the university system including:

  • how it serves New Zealand’s interests
  • the scope and size of the university system
  • promoting appropriate levels of coordination between institutions
  • ensuring quality in research, teaching and knowledge transfer
  • funding mechanisms and the role of the Performance Based Research Fund
  • how to best achieve equity for all learners; and
  • the role of international education in Aotearoa New Zealand

Toitū te mana o te tāngata – affirming true and fair representation of the people. The TEU has people and place-based experts across its 11,500 members who can provide insights and recommendations on these matters. The TEU values the public good of high-quality public tertiary education and researchers, and can offer options to the issues across the university system. 

The TEU invites the SSAG and UAG to hui and kōrero, so together we can strengthen the woven advice both groups look to provide the coalition government. 


Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education