Privacy Policy

How do you collect information?

Together collects information by at least one of these three methods:

  1. When you join Together and complete the sign-up form
  2. When you support one of our campaigns, complete one of our surveys or make a donation to Together
  3. If you link your Facebook or Twitter account to the Together website, the online software platform that Together’s website is built on - called NationBuilder – can gather some information from your account.

(It is worth noting that NationBuilder is provided by a US-based company and the data collected through the software is stored outside of New Zealand.)

Why do you collect that information?

The aim of Together is to spread some of the benefits of union membership to as many people as possible who are not currently in a union. When you join Together or sign up to a campaign, we use your information to communicate with you, help develop your understanding of your workplace rights and encourage you to participate in our activities. We also use the information to draw a picture of the type of people interested in Together and the type of work they do, in order to improve what we do and encourage more people to join.

How can I access and change my information?

If you join Together you can access and update your own information when you log into the Together website at any time. Otherwise you can email us at [email protected]

What will Together do with my information?

As well as using your information to communicate with you, and improve the quality of campaigns and resources we provide, Together will identify any significant number of members working in a particular industry in a particular location or for the same employer in a number of different locations, and explore the potential to further organise those members as part of an established union affiliated to the NZCTU.  In those circumstances, your information will still not be made available to any organisation outside the Executive Body of Together (the NZCTU National Affiliates Council).

What do you do with my payment information?

All online payments made through the Together website are processed using the eWay online payment gateway. eWay is a PCI DSS compliant payment processor. Neither Together nor NationBuilder (the online software platform used for Together's website) hold any of your credit card information. Together only holds a record of the amount of any donations you have made when you make them.

Changes to your privacy policy

If we make changes to this policy we will email all members to inform them of the change.

Further questions

If you have any further questions or wish to contact us you can do so on 0800 698 6466 or by emailing [email protected]