Protections for All Working People

The Government's consultation on better protections for contractors has closed. But there is still a long way to go before that will turn into real improvements in contractors' working conditions. That's why - in the run-up to the 2020 General Election - we're launching this petition to show all political parties and whoever forms the next Government that law changes are needed to ensure there are decent protections for ALL working people. 

GOAL: 1,000 signatures

To the next Government...

New Zealand needs better protections for working people who are contractors - whether they are dependent contractors who should be employees or independent contractors. So we're calling on the next Government to:

  1. Enforce the current law regarding employment status to ensure working people aren’t being ‘misclassified’ as contractors. This means introducing easier, better resourced processes for working people, employers and the Labour Inspectorate to make sure everyone can access their proper employment rights.
  2. Broaden the current definition for employees so that most working people are engaged as employees, including those who are currently working as dependent contractors.
  3. Extend the right to collectively bargain to contractors, this is vital as a mechanism for them to able to protect themselves against exploitation. Unions should be responsible for such bargaining.

Protections for All Working People

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