Safer Sick Leave

When you are sick, or when someone you care for is sick, you need to be able to stay home. We’ve always known this. The experience of COVID-19 has also reminded us that we need to do this to stop the bugs spreading. We really do depend on each other to stay well by sick people staying at home.

Paid sick leave means that you can stay home and get better without losing income. But lots of us don’t have enough sick leave. Sometimes this means having to go to work when you’re sick.  We need to make sure everyone has the sick leave they need to keep us all safe. Please sign the petition asking the Government to do the right thing and increase minimum sick leave so we can all stay safe.

GOAL: 13,000 signatures

To the Hon Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance:

For the future we need to give working people the confidence to stay home straight away when we are unwell, not to be forced to visit GPs unnecessarily, and care for ourselves and our families. The New Zealand Government created extra paid special leave for working people affected by COVID-19. It has made a huge difference. To ensure Aotearoa continues to have better sick leave rules now and in the future, I want to... 

  1. Extend the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme for the next year, make it easy to access, and cover anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, including those who are waiting to be referred to testing or getting results.
  2. Increase legal minimum paid sick leave from 5 to 10 days over the next year - with support from the government to help small businesses make the change.
  3. Make sick leave available if people need to care for their dependents like their children and their parents.
  4. Remove the 6-month stand down to access sick leave when you start a new job.
  5. Get rid of the previous National Government’s law change that can require a doctor’s certificate after just one day of sick leave.

Safer Sick Leave

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