Stronger Public Services

Public sector unions have a range of campaigns for the 2020 General Election. They all celebate the value and power of public services to make our lives better.

Let's Do Even Better - PSA PSA-Image.png

As we rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are being given the opportunity to create an Aotearoa New Zealand that prioritises everyone’s wellbeing. 

That’s where the Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment comes in - a new way of making sure all New Zealanders are cared for, regardless of how much money is in our pockets.  These are services that are responsive to the needs of people, and designed by them and the front-line workers that help deliver them.

The Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment is a collection of services that allow all New Zealanders to live a happy and healthy life. These include healthcare, education, housing, income support, public transport and internet - which form our essential social infrastructure. These are services that we shouldn’t have to pay for, but are invested in by governments to provide a wellbeing foundation for all New Zealanders.

Putting Schools at the Heart - PPTA PPTA-Image.png


What happens outside of school affects what happens in the classroom. We want to make it easier for kids, families and the community to access all the services they need in one place. That's why we're asking political parties to make secondary schools into the hub of their community.

The lead up to the 2020 General Election is a good time to be talking about our plan for schools to be the heart of their communities. Find out how you can help -  ask your local MP and candidates to support our call and talk to friends and family too.

Campaigns - NZNO


NZNO calls on the next Government to prioritise achieving health equity for New Zealanders, as well as supporting the needs of the health workforce. NZNO has released a manfiesto for the 2020 General Election called "Nursing Matters Even More in 2020".

The following are critical to improve health outcomes for New Zealanders.

  • Ensure equitable access for Māori and Pasifika to all health and disability services
  • Address the needs of the health workforce for safe work environments, investment, education and professional development that have been emphasised by the pandemic
  • Improve health funding models and use multi-disciplinary and collaborative planning and decision-making models led by nurses
  • Address the crisis in primary health services that COVID-19 has starkly revealed
  • Provide adequate staffing and appropriate skill mix in the aged residential care sector
  • Provide fit for purpose housing as this has been demonstrated to reduce hospitalisation rates, particularly for children and the elderly

Election Priorities - MERAS 


MERAS is actively involved in the Council of Trade Unions’ campaign to re-elect a progressive Government and this forum will be an opportunity to inspire workplace reps to maximise our members’ participation in the campaign.

Objectives of the MERAS Election Campaign

  • To campaign for the election of a Labour-Greens Government, and in doing so, create a public groundswell that will see the incoming Government prioritise progressive change for women, their babies, and their whanau.
  • To celebrate the gains for employed midwives in 2020, including the Accord and Pay Equity, and to elect a Government that will ensure these gains continue.
  • To make the resourcing of midwives an Election issue in collaboration with the College of Midwives.
  • To provide opportunities for our members to participate in campaign activities.

Election priorities - NZEI


NZEI Te Riu Roa is urging all parties in the election to put tamariki and their learning at the heart of their recovery plans. We approached all the political parties currently in Parliament about their position on the key issues highlighted by our members across the education sector.