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10 years of The Useless Web! (h2)

Welcome to the Useless Web, which is now over 10 years old! I felt after all this time, I'd love to give a small history and shoutout to some of the early sites. (H3)

I created the Useless Web in 2012 while stuck inside during Hurricane Sandy, pinning together what little HTML, CSS & JavaScript coding skills I had learned, to showcase some of my favorite internet treasures, and hopefully inspire people to get creative and learn to code! (quote)

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This site of course wouldn't exist without the wonderfully useless sites that exist out there, I've tried to reach out to a few and find their stories and motivations, and find where programming has taken them! (h4)

Endless Horse is a treasure, born from a code-something-in-a-day competition, great use of .horse domains. (h5)

cute cat pic

scary bird eye


And there we have it, a few of my fave's, now if you're ready for an adventure you can head up to the "please" button, and launch into the weird world of artistic useless but beautiful websites!

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