Thank You Driver

On a bus anywhere in the Wellington region, you hear it all the time - “thank you, driver” - as passengers get off at their stop. We say it because we appreciate our bus service - a good bus network and great drivers make a huge contribution to the life of our cities.

But, for something that is so important, we’re treating the people who drive us poorly.

Greater Wellington Regional Council has re-contracted many of the region’s routes to a new provider - Tranzit. Most drivers on these routes have lost their jobs, those who have got work with Tranzit are facing much worse terms and conditions. And Tranzit are refusing to negotiate with their union. Meanwhile Wellington's bus service is in chaos because of this, and the regional council is pretending it's not their problem.

Let's hold the regional council to account and make them fix the damage they've done. Please sign and say thank you driver!

GOAL: 12,000 signatures

I value the contribution that bus drivers make to the bus network in the Wellington region.

Wellington’s bus drivers should not have their jobs taken from them or get paid less to do the same work when the Wellington Regional Council makes a decision to change the bus contracting company.

I want Greater Wellington Regional Council to provide job security for Wellington’s current bus drivers.

And I want the Greater Wellington Regional Council to show they value bus drivers too, and make sure that bus drivers are protected and have security.

Thank You Driver

Will you sign?

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