Warehouse, Do the Right Thing

The Warehouse prides itself on being a "good" company. Its annual report says one of its core values is to be "Here for Good" and to "Always Do the Right Thing".

Now The Warehouse wants to take away thousands of hours from the people who work for them - every week.

If The Warehouse wants to be a good Kiwi company, it needs to treat staff with respect. This is the opposite of that.

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To Nick Grayston (CEO of The Warehouse Group) 

I call on you to abandon The Warehouse Group’s plan to cut thousands of hours a week from the staff at The Warehouse. The Warehouse is a proud New Zealand company. It needs to put people first. Now - in the wake of COVID-19 more than ever – it’s the time to support those who kept The Warehouse going, not push hundreds of working people into hardship. Whether by cutting their hours or – worse – eliminating their jobs altogether.  

When the going gets tough that's a real test of your character. You say your values are to always do the right thing. The Warehouse is a successful, wealthy company, and you can afford to support everyone who works there. Do the right thing and keep everyone’s full wages, hours and work! 

Warehouse, Do the Right Thing

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