We love our public service workers

Faced with job losses and unprecedented insecurity, it’s a really hard time to be working in the public service right now.

Workers are also having to deal with their work being devalued, despite serving our communities by delivering essential services that we all rely on.

This Government has no regard for the people who keep the country running.

But we do.

As we fight attacks on public services, we must not lose sight of that.

We love our public servants and appreciate the vital work they do in communities right across Aotearoa. Our country would grind to a halt without them.

Let’s take a moment to tell positive stories about public servants and the work they do. It may seem small, but messages of affirmation can go a long way at a dark time.

Let’s show public service workers our love and support.

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  • Thank you to all public servants

    Thanks to all the public servants around the motu for the important work you do. Public servants keep New Zealand society functioning. Without public servants, we would not have access to so many of the fundamental things we take for granted that allow us to live decent, modern lives - from healthcare, to education, to environmental protection, to infrastructure planning, to the very statistics we rely on to make public policy.