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Are you getting a fair deal at work?

Together  is a new way to ensure you get fair treatment at work. It's an organisation that supports employees' rights - helping you connect with other people facing similar challenges and offering expert advice on workplace issues.

Join Together and you'll get back-up when you need it. It might mean advice on your rights, tips on dealing with your employer or support to negotiate your pay and conditions. Together gives you the resources to make life better at work.

Who can join?

Just about anyone who's employed in a workplace that doesn't have a union. If you're feeling isolated and unsure of your rights, Together offers know-how and vital support. 

You might be a taxi driver, an IT worker, a contractor, a casual labourer, or someone employed in a small workplace without union coverage. For a membership fee of $1 per week, Together gives you access to information on your rights at work, and how to make sure you receive them.Find out more.

If you're already a union member, Together offers a Family & Whanau Membership option. The fee is the same and the Family & Whanau Membership option lets you sponsor any number of whanau or family members who are not able to join an existing union. It's a great way to help the people close to you get support with employment agreements, holiday pay, sick leave, discrimination, sexual harassment, and much more . Find out how your family and whanau can benefit.

Wanting to update your existing membership?  Click here to go to the update membership area.

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