Don't privatise the Ports of Auckland

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The Mayor of Auckland is talking about privatising Ports of Auckland - but the cost to Auckland and to New Zealand would be huge and be paid for decades. Tell Auckland councillors to oppose this costly mistake.

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Don't privatise the Ports of Auckland

To Auckland Councillors:

We urge you to oppose any proposed privatisation of Auckland Port.

Privatisation of this monopoly asset would only increase the cost to Auckland businesses who rely on container freight to get their products into and out of Auckland and their customers.

It would take control of Auckland’s only port out of the hands of Aucklanders, it would undermine the jobs and safety of the people who work there, and it would mean handing the port’s profits to overseas investors.

A recent report on the proposed privatisation shows that regardless of the price the Council got for the port, a private operator would need to take a bigger amount to make a profit. That money would come  from Auckland businesses, the Auckland economy, and ultimately the New Zealand economy.

Where Australian ports have been privatised in this way, charges on containers have gone from single digits to more than AU$100. Businesses and consumers have paid the price. What's more, one of the companies looking to buy the port - DP World -has paid zero corporate tax in Australia despite making billions of dollars from Australian customers

Privatising the port would be a generational mistake. Contracts for these sales run to 40, 50, 100 years. Our children and grandchildren would be paying the price of this mistake, long after the money from the sale is gone.

Please, do what’s right. Oppose the sale of the port.