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    Make your FPA Submission

    Fair Pay Agreements will be vitally important to turning around Aotearoa New Zealand's low wage economy and ensuring that people's incomes grow so they can support themselves and their families properly and so that their working lives improve.

    The legislation to make this hugely positive employment change will be under significant pressure from a small number of employers that benefit from low wages and insecure work and the groups that represent them.

    That's why it is so important that the stories behind this legislation are heard. We need the decision-makers to understand the kind of good FPAs will do.

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  • COVID Leave for Countdown workers

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    The supermarket industry has done incredibly well throughout the pandemic. As one of the two big players in the industry Countdown is making a fortune out of New Zealanders, but now they've changed their policy to force workers to use their sick leave if they contract Covid-19. Tell Countdown's Managing Director - "give your workers back their COVID leave."

    To Spencer Sonn - Managing Director of Woolworths New Zealand:


    The people who work at Countdown have been at the forefront of the country’s fight against Covid-19. They worked through the lockdowns and elevated alert levels and continue to offer the best customer services and experiences to ensure public access to essential items. With the current Omicron staff shortages, many have been working 6-7 days a week to support your company and our communities.

    Both your company and the Government have repeatedly praised these essential workers for the exceptionally hard work and great service they have been delivering to Countdown...
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  • Help us create a safe world of work

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    We can achieve a world of work that is free from violence and harassment.

    Join the COALITION FOR A SAFE WORLD OF WORK and add your name to call on the government to ratify a global convention that will create a better future for us all.

    We call on Parliament to undertake the work needed to ratify ILO Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (190) as a matter of priority.

    Convention 190 provides a framework for the legal, cultural and industrial changes necessary to eliminate violence, in all its forms, from the world of work. It establishes the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment.

    By undertaking the work to ratify Convention 190, New Zealand would make workplaces safer and demonstrate global leadership on this issue.


    Ngā mihi

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    Equal Pay Message

    In 2017, care and support workers achieved historic pay increases and improvements when, through SFWU( E tū) PSA and NZNO union action, they won their equal pay settlement – as set out in the Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlements Act 2017.

    But on 1 July 2022 this law expires along with the settlement. The Minister of Health has indicated the government is willing to enter into talks to renew the legislation.

    This is great news and we are pleased to see this commitment, but need to ensure the government prioritises and funds this commitment to the care and support sector

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  • Back a living minimum wage

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    The minimum wage should be enough to live on. That's a pretty straightforward idea and it's one the Minister of Labour Michael Wood can make happen this month. Sign the open letter to him below to show that you back a living minimum wage.

    To Hon. Michael Wood:


    This month, you will make a decision that will impact every community in New Zealand – setting the Minimum Wage. You have an opportunity to lift the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of workers, and in doing so, provide the kind of Christmas present that will make a real difference to many of the lowest paid households across the country. This open letter is asking you to lift the Minimum Wage to the Living Wage of $22.75 an hour.

    Many of the workers who worked so hard to get us through the pandemic...
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  • Thank You Driver

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    Nearly two years ago the bus service for half of Wellington was bought by an Australian private equity firm Next Capital.

    A year later wage negotiations between Next Capital and the 280 people who drive and maintain buses for them broke down. Right now the Collective Employment Agreement has expired.

    The Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) stepped in to offer a top up to Next Capital to bring bus drivers up to a living wage.

    Instead Next Capital has told the GWRC they don’t want the money and are pressing ahead with plans to cut drivers' conditions and take home pay.

    Driver’s and their families are already struggling with low pay, long hours, and unsafe conditions.

    Tell the founding partners of Next to take the extra GWRC funding and offer a fair deal to Wellington Bus Drivers.

    To Next Capital Founding Partners, Sandy Lockhart, Patrick Elliott, and John White:


    The people of Wellington are sick of their bus service being run down.

    Your latest attempt to reduce drivers’ pay and conditions is unacceptable. Wellington’s bus service has been damaged enough without these further attacks on the very people who are keeping it going.

    We urge you to:

    Take the additional funding the Regional Council is offering.

    Take your proposed cuts to conditions and take home pay off the table

    Give the drivers a decent pay rise

    If you can’t manage...
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  • They Deserve the Best: Home Support with Dignity for NZ

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    Home Support Workers provide care for our seniors, people with disability, and those who are injured, in their own homes.  But these services have been underfunded by successive governments for years.  This, plus a fragmented system, means support workers can’t provide the consistent, high quality care for their clients they would like to.  That’s why we are calling on politicians to overhaul home support because the current system is broken. The way it’s funded, coordinated and delivered isn’t working for anyone. Urgent action is needed to ensure Home Support with dignity throughout Aotearoa.

    To: Hon. Chris Hipkins, Hon. Jenny Salesa, Hon. Carmel Sepuloni (Labour), Hon. Jan Logie, Hon. Julie Ann Genter (Green Party), Hon. Tracey Martin, Jenny Marcoft (NZ First), Dr Shane Reti, Tim Macindoe (National)

    Our seniors, people with disability, and those who are injured, need home support with dignity.  But home support services have been underfunded by successive governments for years.  This, along with a fragmented system, means that home support workers cannot provide the consistent, high quality care they would like to, and it means our seniors, those with disability, and those who are injured, don’t always get the support...
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  • Strengthen our shores - rebuild our coastal shipping

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    Aotearoa-New Zealand is an island nation dependent on trade to survive.

    But because our coastal shipping was deregulated by the Government in the 1990's, we now rely on multinational shipping companies to carry our goods between our cities and beyond.

    That's cost us local jobs and valuable skills, it's harming our climate by pushing more freight onto our roads, and it makes us vulnerable to the whims of a few huge shipping companies with no loyalty to New Zealand.

    We need the government to protect and grow our coastal shipping and strengthen our shores just like the US, Canada, Japan, and EU governments do.

    We've been promised real change that makes us stronger as a nation. Taking back control of our coastal shipping would be a good start.


    To the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Rt Hon Winston Peters, Hon James Shaw and Marama Davidson:

    Each of you, independently, and together as a government, have said you want a stronger and more independent New Zealand. One meaningful way you can do this is to return control of our coastal shipping to New Zealand flagged vessels.

    Protecting and growing our domestic shipping would mean more jobs, secure regional ports, less congestion on our roads, and greater national economic resilience.

    We are an island nation solely dependent on international shipping to trade. Controlling our shipping industry helps us control...
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  • Aged Care Needs Safe Staffing Now

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    Aged Care workers shouldered a heavy burden during COVID-19, doing their utmost to provide quality care to residents while working under a staffing system which is broken. Understaffing and fatigued health workers jeopardise patient safety, our aged care staffing guidelines are 15 years out of date and unsafe staffing needs to be urgently addressed.

    Our seniors and rest home care workers need government to implement evidence-based safe staffing committed to by Labour before the last election. Not doing so means residents aren’t getting the care required and it means we are risking lives and the spread of illness like COVID-19. We cannot afford to leave things as they are. Sign this open letter calling on Jacinda Ardern to show the leadership needed to ensure staff and residents are safe and well cared for – we all need safe staffing now.


    To: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

    When you told the country to get ready for lockdown in March, you said we’d get through this if we all came together. You asked us all to be strong and to be kind.

    Aged Care workers have been doing this. But it has been tough going.

    We all want the very best for residents in care facilities, but the staffing system is broken. Not enough staff means missed care or care not provided in a timely manner. There is ample evidence that understaffing leads to an increased risk of bruising, skin tears, falls, infections...
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  • Make Work Safe

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    COVID-19 showed us that working people need better guarantees about their health and safety at work. Too many people had no say in important decisions about their own health and safety - from whether they should stay home, to what plans were in place to protect them in the workplace. 

    For a long time, working people in New Zealand have been harmed by poor health and safety practices and inadequate protections. As we rebuild better, we need to build in protection for all working people to stay well at work so they can come home safe, no matter where they work. 

    To all aspiring MPs and political parties at this election: 

    We can do better to protect our health and safety at work. Will you: 

    1. Make Worksafe work - by increasing funding and making sure they enforce and prosecute more unsafe employers, including spot fines for bad behaviour. 
    2. Put trained health and safety reps in every workplace
    3. Change the health and safety law to better protect people’s mental health at work including workplace stress, bullying and the damage it does to emotional and psychological health.
    4. Open a review of the Health and Safety at Work Act in...
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