Shout out to our tireless public and community service workers

Thanks to those unsung heroes, the workers in public and community services, who everyday create a better future for New Zealand. They make sure we can access the healthcare and education we need, keep us safe, protect our environment and help us enjoy it, support those who need our assistance. They help us remain a vibrant, democratic, inclusive and just society, and bring to life the partnership envisaged in Te Tiriti.

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  • Uaealesi Iosefo Vaise
    John commented 2024-04-25 11:10:31 +1200
    Shout out to community support workers with their consistency, commitment carried out day in and out for all for our community, assisting us through our struggles. Giving us hope and positive future.
    Thank you for all their hardwork and support.
  • John king
    John left this comment. 2024-04-24 13:42:37 +1200