Keep the Airport Ours

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Wellington City Council is proposing the sale of their share in Wellington Airport as part of this year's Long Term Plan.

A fully privatised airport will be worse for workers, the environment, and the community. It's bad economics, and throws away future potential and revenue. Sign our petition to Keep The Airport Ours.

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Keep the Airport Ours

We ask that the Wellington City Council retain its 34% share in Wellington International Airport, with a view to gradually attaining a majority share.

We agree with the Council that there is a climate emergency, and know that the best way to meet our obligations in mitigating climate change, and guarantee our descendents a healthy planet, is to bring our most polluting industries into public ownership. Only then can we guarantee a just transition out of industries dependent on fossil fuels.

As trade unionists, we also know that organisations with democratic oversight are better employers. They are more responsive to the needs of the community, and more receptive to the concerns of workers. Total private control of one of Wellington’s largest employers will undoubtedly result in worse conditions for its workers.

Lastly, we believe that assets with a strategic value, be it cultural, economic or environmental, should be subject to the democratic oversight and control that only public ownership brings.