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TVNZ must reconsider their proposed cuts. TVNZ's mission, upheld by programs like Fair Go and Sunday, embodies accountability and community values.
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Save Our Stories

Our open letter

To the CEO and Board of TVNZ,

TVNZ’s workers, viewers, and supporters urge you not to proceed with proposed cuts to the workforce and programming. When it comes to building and protecting a strong media landscape, every single New Zealander is a stakeholder.

While acknowledging the commercial challenges for TVNZ and the wider media right now, we believe the proposal is premature and TVNZ has not explored all the options for maintaining quality content before making this proposal.

  • Stories from Fair Go, Sunday, Tonight, Midday, Re: News, and more are crucial parts of TVNZ’s overall mission to inspire the conversations of Aotearoa, and enrich the lives of New Zealanders by sharing the moments that matter to our communities, regions and people.
  • Some of the workforce have solutions and ideas that haven’t had a chance for consideration. Everyone needs to be involved in developing proposals, not just responding to them.
  • These shows are the cornerstone of Aotearoa’s news and current affairs. They are the way our community tells our stories and holds power to account. We need more cutting-edge journalism, not less!

Don’t continue along this path. Give Aotearoa’s stories the respect they deserve.