We love our public service workers

Faced with job losses and unprecedented insecurity, it’s a really hard time to be working in the public service right now.

Workers are also having to deal with their work being devalued, despite serving our communities by delivering essential services that we all rely on.

This Government has no regard for the people who keep the country running.

But we do.

As we fight attacks on public services, we must not lose sight of that.

We love our public servants and appreciate the vital work they do in communities right across Aotearoa. Our country would grind to a halt without them.

Let’s take a moment to tell positive stories about public servants and the work they do. It may seem small, but messages of affirmation can go a long way at a dark time.

Let’s show public service workers our love and support.

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  • Shortsighted and Indiscriminate Redundancies

    The Public Service will be key to turning our economy around. So much of the current rhetoric around slashing spending is contrary to what was promised on the election trail- we need our public servants to support us when times are tough. Tax cuts for the rich at the cost of services for the poor are a step in the wrong direction. I will be there to march with our Public Servants when the time comes! Thankyou for your hard work in making NZ the amazing place it is today, and know that this government doesnt speak for everyone- you still have allies!

  • Don't give up!

    Your work and you are valuable, don't let this fascist govt steal your wellbeing. Kia kaha!

  • Public service job losses

    Perhaps a little more thought and exploration of alternatives could have been applied.It does not take much”business acumen” to fire people.

  • Government taking country in wrong direction!

    These massive layoffs of public service employees is harming individuals and their families but it is also fueling a recession that could have been softened with government investment in people, programmes, and services. The current government is following the UK stagnation economic model rather than a growth model, which the US is going with. Tax cuts for the few or investment for the future? This government has made the wrong choice and time will confirm it!

  • Worst government ever

    I find these Job cuts disgusting public servants are not wasteful spending they are hardworking kiwis who wants to get by I love the public services they deserve better

  • Support those who work for us!

    Public service workers are the backbone of all societies. Without them we simply could not function. The attacks by Van Velden with the repeal of all FPA along with the reintroduction of 90 day trial periods is an assault on all workers, but especially those on an already low wage. It is criminal that the years of hard work and battling by the late Helen Kelly has been attacked by the fresh faced sociopath Brooke Van Velden.

  • Gutted by poor decisions

    This whole brutal and arbitrary cull of public servants for the sake of a few measly tax cuts has nobody fooled and everyone alarmed at what will happen once there is nobody there doing your roles. Hang in, when things fall apart and they have a mad scramble to get you back demand a better salary!

  • We see you!

    Thank you for your mahi, it impacts every area of our lives. We have your back.

  • Thanks for all you do!

    We love you all so much!

  • Thank you, we see you and we care

    Thank you to every one of you working in our public services. You keep Aotearoa running day to day and from crisis to crisis. You are not invisible and we need you. With our increasing population growth and challenges from storms to pandemics we need to be investing more in our Public Services not depleting them. Kia kaha

  • Thank you

    Public and community service workers do work that is often invisible and taken for granted until not there anymore or we have to pay for it. Thank you for providing us all with safe food, income support, healthy homes, road safety, border protection, digital security, passports, safe work standards and work safety inspections, safe water testing, clean air....the list goes on. Your work is what creates a better future for us.

  • We all need our public services - and public servants!

    Our public servants are there for every crisis, every health issue, every natural disaster, every time someone is vulnerable and alone - the list goes on and on. If we don't invest in our public servants, we are not investing in Aotearoa.

  • Children need a great public service

    The Public Service helps NZ run well and create great outcomes for kiwis. With cuts to OT and MOE kids are going to miss out and so are families. We need to invest in our country and a healthy public service is a great start

  • Erin Polaczuk

    Public services are so important to everyone in Aotearoa! For those of you unsure of your futures, already looking abroad for mahi, or feeling the sadness of farewelling your colleagues- we see you and we are thinking of you. Here's hoping for a future government that understands and respects the people who put service of the public as a top priority. Here's looking to a future government who see themselves as serving the public, not personal or private interests. Thank you public servants of Aotearoa.

  • Thank you for all you do!

    Thank you for your expertise and skill and passion. Thanks for working to make Aotearoa a better place. This Government might not value what you do, but New Zealanders do because we see it and benefit from it every day. In solidarity :D