We love our public service workers

Faced with job losses and unprecedented insecurity, it’s a really hard time to be working in the public service right now.

Workers are also having to deal with their work being devalued, despite serving our communities by delivering essential services that we all rely on.

This Government has no regard for the people who keep the country running.

But we do.

As we fight attacks on public services, we must not lose sight of that.

We love our public servants and appreciate the vital work they do in communities right across Aotearoa. Our country would grind to a halt without them.

Let’s take a moment to tell positive stories about public servants and the work they do. It may seem small, but messages of affirmation can go a long way at a dark time.

Let’s show public service workers our love and support.

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  • Contractors are needed for efficiency.

    Chris Luxon wants NZ public services like that in Estonia where it is high tech. Yet in NZ he cuts out the contractors who were employed to do the work for high tech in the public services. They end up on the unemployment and have no redundancies given to them. Budgets are slashed willy nilly there is no money for progress of efficiency in the Social Develop Ministry. These long time contractors have families and mortgages and this Government has made Wellington stagnant for opportunities to be employed. We need a Government that can target inefficiency they are not. Government are knocking out the workers making the public service work well in unity across the country.

  • High quality public services for all

    All New Zealanders deserve to be part of a society which supports everyone to thrive. Public servants make this possible. Without them we will suffer as a society.

  • I don't want a tax cut

    I don't want a tax cut. I want our public servants to be working to help NZers like they were before.

  • Multicultural and diversity.

    Great work public service workers, many years of diverse government corporation and NGOs spectacularly multiculturalism, more than first impressions count.

  • Imagining my WW2 'Greek Campaign' Sergeant, Uncle Ron

    "If this be the *COST* of your PRecious "Freedom" and your much-vaunted 'Democracy' ; my God we have paid it TOO DEAR!"

  • Despicable treatment from the CoC

    Public servants are the backbone of our country. The way they are being treated by this current government is despicable.... all to give the wealthy more.

  • Strong public service - strong society

    I don't want a tax cut. I want a strong public service meeting our society's needs. We know what happened last time and it must not happen again without any strong push back from workers, PSA and the public. I am here waiting for the call. I am here to support you.

  • Thank you to all public servants

    Thanks to all the public servants around the motu for the important work you do. Public servants keep New Zealand society functioning. Without public servants, we would not have access to so many of the fundamental things we take for granted that allow us to live decent, modern lives - from healthcare, to education, to environmental protection, to infrastructure planning, to the very statistics we rely on to make public policy.

  • Thank you for the valuable work you do!

    Thanks to all the people working for the public good to make Aotearoa a better place. So much of the great work you do goes unseen but that shouldn't mean it's unappreciated: from the people who provide financial support every day for those who need it, to the people putting hard work into developing policy on really complex problems, to the ones writing comms so people have access to information and can engage with democracy, to the people doing the admin keeping public organisations running so all those other people can focus on what they need to do. And that's just to name a few! It sucks to see certain politicians - and the people who buy into their rhetoric - devaluing the work that you do and trying to portray it as waste. Your work is valuable; it's the stuff that keeps society functioning, deals with the biggest challenges society faces, and helps improves lives.

  • Shout out to our tireless public and community service workers

    Thanks to those unsung heroes, the workers in public and community services, who everyday create a better future for New Zealand. They make sure we can access the healthcare and education we need, keep us safe, protect our environment and help us enjoy it, support those who need our assistance. They help us remain a vibrant, democratic, inclusive and just society, and bring to life the partnership envisaged in Te Tiriti.

  • Services that serve the public

    So short sighted of a government to be cutting back on essential services that you provide to all of us. The government policies for the public service are an attack on Wellington and particularly on women that make up about 70% of the public service as well as many of the 'backroom' functions that keep our services ticking. Kia kaha! This too shall pass!

  • Public service workers are much needed infrastructure

    I'm sad that public services and their workers are being demonised by this government. Our country would not function without good public services. People are at the heart of everything and i am so sorry for the people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own

  • You do amazing stuff!

    Just wanted to share, you all do really amazing work which is super super important!

  • Public Service - the glue of the scaffolding

    Public service workers ensure the smooth running of our nation, without them we will see degradation of services, leading to an increase in chaos.

  • I value our public service workers!

    I want my tax dollars to provide high-value, decent, meaningful work for public servants. I want to receive high-value public services that increase our collective wellbeing as a country. Every single time a right-wing approach cuts public service jobs, those jobs simply get advertised by the private sector at lower salaries/wages and conditions because the work needs to get done somehow. That means my tax dollars pay for an outsourced public service that squeezes pay and conditions in favour of profit. This is an old playbook. We know it doesn't work. I just hope the public servants facing uncertainty and job loss know we see you, we value you and we stand with you despite this government's old, tired approach. Solidarity!

  • Thoughts are with you

    You are appreciated for the heart and effort you put in, even if this clueless short-sightedness of this government does not recognise efforts to keep Aotearoa functioning as a cohesive society. Forcing cuts in this timeframe has lead to poor departmental decisionmaking, has not allowed adequate spreading of the impact and does not recognise the reality of the increased scope and complexity of what the public service does in this unequal times. This injustice will continue to be protested by myself and others.

  • Job security only for the execs - privilege at its finest.

    Of all those around me facing job uncertainty, it is not the execs at the top - those paid 3x more than the rest of us who display far less competence and capability than those loosing their jobs. It is the ones I see working diligently, going above and beyond, putting out corporate fires and often without the recognition they deserve. Ka nui te aroha ki a koutou. And to those execs in positions of power making these decisions, perhaps stop dehumanising PEOPLE by referring to 'roles' and acknowledge these are human beings, parents, family members and people who have given years to your departments. If you reduced 'roles' by removing the incompetent ones and kept those who truly contributed, you would be far better off.

  • Have a Heart

    How long before there are no workers left? These people have families they need to provide for. No redundancy package can replace the security of paid employment.

  • Kia kaha

    My heart goes out to all the workers affected in these slash and burn times. Nothing gets done without the amazing work of you great people. Our miniscule "tax cut" is being paid for on the back of all these restructurings and it is appalling. Kia kaha.

  • Let me count the Ways

    Shall I write about the fabulous Medical and Administrative staff at Whangarei Hospital where I recently had not one but two Cataract procedures on my left eye? The MSD Staff who helped me with Travel Allowance for Counseling? The amazing MSD clerk/telephonist who scoured the country for a bar fridge to suit my solar electric system when I needed a new refrigerator? There are so many stories of competent, caring public servants I find it beyond belief and shameful that we are laying them off like this : to the point where I withdraw my 'Consent to be Governed' from this National-ACT-NZFirst aka NACTZ1 Coalition government. AOTEAROA New Zealand should be creating MORE Public Service employment during a recession.